Shipping Information

We take pride in our flowers and want to get them to you in the best possible condition.

  • For this reason we ship on Monday through Wednesday for arrival two days after it ships (For example orders sent on Monday arrive on Wednesday and orders sent on Wednesday would arrive on Friday, Friday!).
  • This avoids long shipping delays due to the weekend. We will of course handle requests to ship on Thursday or Friday but are unable to guarantee flowers that are shipped on these days.
  • We ship using FedEx, UPS and USPS. If you are having our flowers sent to a P.O. Box, the flowers will be sent by USPS. We regret that we are unable to enforce a two day shipping schedule via Post Office.

Flowers do arrive in a box and will need to be arranged. Please visit our Flower arrangement ideas page.


The flower package includes

  • flowers – the sample package shows anthuriums flowers only.
  • green leafs –┬áthe sample package shows ti leafs only.
  • a flower vase
  • a floral form
  • a hawaii’s tropical flowers card – flower care instruction and a blank in the inside.
  • we use our patented flower packing system.
  • we use thin vinyl cover and wet news papers to maintain moisture.
  • we pack our flower boxes with a lot of Aloha.
Mahalo! and Aloha from Hawaii Tropical Flowers.
















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