Hawaiian Flowers – Protea Flowers

Flowers of gods: The Hawaiian Protea flowers are truly among the most exotic of Hawaiian Flowers and is named after the Greek god “Proteus”. The Proteaceae family to which proteas belong is an ancient one. Its ancestors grew in Gondwanaland, 300 million years ago. Proteaceae is divided into two subfamilies: the Proteoideae, best represented in southern Africa, and the Grevilleoideae, concentrated in Australia and South America and the other smaller segments of Gondwanaland that are now part of eastern Asia. Africa shares only one genus with Madagascar, whereas South America and Australia share many common genera — this indicates they separated from Africa before they separated from each other. The Protea arrangement displays the beautiful colors of pink, green, and orange making it a truly exotic Hawaiian flowers mix. It will express your spirit of “Aloha” and the center piece will brighten your day or that of a special someone.

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